Frequently Asked Questions

Quincy Rescue dog

Where do you find your dogs?

We are asked this question often. Fortunately, there areStudent with Rescue Dog
many people now who are rescuing dogs from shelters or rescue organizations. We have relationships with many of these groups and are contacted when a dog is deemed appropriate for the program. Our dogs go through extensive temperament testing prior to ever appearing at an assembly.

What do you need from us?

Dog Kisses at school assembly
We bring all our props for the safety demonstration, and the program activities. There is a short video that requires a screen, projector and audio/visual capabilities.

What forms are sent to us?

 We send a contract that requires signature of school representative and we accept payment the day of the assembly.  We also send a Parent Consent form that notifys us and you if a child is allergic to dogs.

How do we continue the message?

We are creating booklets with stories of our dogs available for purchase through our secure online shop (Coming soon!) We share fifteen unique stories of our dogs WITH Character Education enhancements included. Take a peek at our new booklets on our Character Education page.

Do you need volunteers?

Big Lap DogActually, we do! Texas and California are very big states and we often ask teachers to keep in touch with us about potential dogs to add to the program. We travel quite often and it is always wonderful to be able to introduce a local dog to your school.

Do you hire presenters?

Presenting at Dogs of Character Assembly

We hire and train presenters and regional directors.  Texas and California are big states and there has been wonderful interest in this program. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a presenter or director!  Or call 936-588-2770

Are any of the dogs adoptable?

Some dogs are adoptable
Yes! For each assembly we reach out to a list (which is often growing), of our favorite rescues, like the Conroe Animal Shelter and the Animal Shelter Volunteers of Texas, to bring one pup that needs a furever home! The dog that is looking for his new home will be introduced to the students and teachers, and if you're interested the rescue representative with the dog will provide adoption informaiton to you. However most of the dogs, with the exception of the one needing to be adopted, have luckily already found their permanent homes with our instructors.

Ready to Schedule an Assembly?

Yes! We'd love to have Dogs of Character visit our School!

I See With My Heart - School assembly character concept

Our Mission: To reach children through the stories of rescued dogs who can teach lasting lessons in self worth and empathy. These unique and inspiring character building assemblies and character education materials give children an opportunity to learn self empowerment, courage, perseverance, empathy and anti-bullying lessons from a cast of rescued dogs.

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